1. Geronimo F. Velasco, Jr. - Chairman of the Board
  2. Adeline S. Lim - Vice Chairman of the Board
  3. Corazon S. de la Paz -Bernardo - Lead Independent Director
  4. Celso P. Vivas -Independent Director
  5. Gerardo Oliverio V. Laperal
  6. Ma. Paz V. Laperal
  7. Lizanne C. Uychaco
  8. Renato R. Ermita
  9. Jose Miguel F. Velasco

Management Team and Corporate Officers:

  1. Geronimo F. Velasco, Jr. -Chairman of the Board
  2. Adeline S. Lim-Vice Chairman of the Board
  3. Gerardo Oliverio V. Laperal-President & Chief Executive Officer
  4. Ma. Paz V. Laperal -Treasurer & Assistant Corporate Secretary
  5. Marsel Lincoln A. Meneses- Corporate Secretary
  6. Florence C. Wong-Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Information Officer & Data Protection Officer
  7. Leopold C. Tan- Compliance Officer
  8. Michelle Therese C. Soriano-Risk Management Officer